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3:57 p.m. - 2010-01-21
A subscriber to my blog wanted to run his diet by you me...
A subscriber to my blog wanted to run his diet by you me... he originally got it from a fitness guide on a blog I recommended and I found it so interesting that I've decided to post my thoughs here.

Breakfast: Myoplex Deluxe meal replacement (53g of Protein)
Snack: 40g Protein shake and an apple
Lunch: Tuna fish on wheat and carrots to snack on
Snack: 40g Protein shake and a non-fat yogurt
Dinner: Salmon filet with brown rice and veggies
Snack: 40g Protein shake.

I try to take in about 200 grams of protein because I weight 190.
Also, I workout 6x a week and do cardio for 20 to 30 minutes 3x a

My response: Your diet is terrible you should be eating at leat 400 grams of
carbs. Every one forgets that you need calories to process protein.

Your excesive protein intake is putting you in a caloric defict. I absolutely agree on the above statement. Your diet is for someone who is ready to compete in a bodybuilding contest and needs to lose need at least 400 good complex carbs.........

Next Time...

Does anyone know if a bodybuilder (eg: Me) had low testosterone, say after a
roids cycle, if it would still be possible to hit the gym and do a very
strenuous workout, including say drop sets to the extreme?

And if not, does it not follow that if I had a blood test that shows my
testosterone was below normal, that there must have been either something wrong
with the test or my blood was taken at a moment (one day) when it was low, but
later came back to normal?


The next thing is Doctors will ask the government to ban bathroom scales! The
argument will be, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.


PS: Or simply this. If you CAN do heavy workouts, does that in itself PROVE you
have an OK testosterone level?



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